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"If You're Interested in Starting Your Own Amazon Business you will want Viral Vamp as your partner Quick and easy setup/onboarding, great communication with your dedicated manager, and best of all my sales increased rapidly on a monthly basis."
- Gourav
"My experience with Viral Vamp has been excellent. They are there for me 24/7. Onboarding was very smooth, because the onboarding team was there to assist me along the way. The team is very helpful and knowledgeable as well. Over the last 5 months the experience and results have been above and beyond my expectations."
- Sushil
"My experience has been evolving in gaining trust and understanding. Some issues that have been worked out or being work out. Growth of store has scaled very quickly..hopefully with gaining increasing profit margin more profit will be attainable."
- Tamara
"My experience with viral vamp has been great. Everything I’ve been told the company has followed through on. The onboarding process was quick and smooth, and if I had any questions the onboarding team was quick to answer. Communication with the company is excellent. I have 4 points of contact and they are always quick to respond if I need them. Last month I made 2,000$ with Viral Vamp!"
- Ken
"Everything that was discussed and promised has been done. Great communication with the team. Always have timely answers and updates. Started to see some serious growth in July, it was a great month. Looking forward to an even bigger August!"
- Marjan


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Frequently Asked Questions

How will I keep track of my profits?

Optimized for mobile use, our reporting/analytics software allows convenient tracking of inventory, orders, sales, and profits on the go. We also periodically send our clients Profit & Loss statements, updated in real time

How often will I be paid?

Amazon pays out store owners twice a month, every two weeks, however, payment cycles may slightly fluctuate due to store metrics and other various factors.

How experienced are you and your management teams?

No one working for and in conjunction with Viral Vamp has less than five years experience in e-commerce.

How can I get started and partner with Viral Vamp?

Complete the quiz on our website to see if you are a good fit, if so, you are qualified for a strategy call with one of our business executives!

What types of fees do third-party online marketplaces charge sellers?

Typically, third-party marketplaces like Amazon, charge selling or referral fees, these referral fees are oftentimes dependent on the category. Amazon marketplace charges a 15% referral fee on the gross sale of every item sold (excluding a few categories). We factor in all these fees when we price your items in your inventory.

How does your company choose items for my store?

We work with reputable brands, you may be quite familiar with some of these brands. We source for high demand, low competition products, optimize these products for SEO and sell at a relatively favorable pricing. You have a say in the products as well. Want to sell something different? Let us know

Can I become an Affiliate? I know someone who wants to buy in - What should I do?

It depends. Book a free consultation with us, to discuss more details about this.

Is Viral Vamp legit?

Yes, Viral Vamp is a legitimate and reliable e-commerce management company. Their seasoned leadership, positive client testimonials, and transparent approach contribute to a trustworthy image within the industry.

Is Viral Vamp worth the cost?

Without a doubt, Viral Vamp's time-limited incentive package, which offers free tax exemption, no contract renewals, and VIP status for early commitments, adds extra value, making their services even more compelling.

Does Viral Vamp truly work?

Indeed, Viral Vamp is proven to work. The comparison chart showcases their strengths against competitors and DIY approaches, highlighting factors like expert knowledge of Amazon policies.

What Makes us Stand Out

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Doing it Yourself

No required advertising
Knowledge of Amazon laws and policies
Selling Branded Items
Warehouse and Team
Authorized Supply Chain
Easy tracking and transparent analytics

Basic plan

Basic features for up to 10 users with everything you need.
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Business plan

Advanced features and reporting, better workflows and automation.
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Enterprise plan

Personalised service and enterprise security for large teams.
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User access
Basic features
Saved reports
Individual data
Automated workflows
200+ integrations
Reporting and analytics
Export reports
Scheduled reports
API access
Advanced reports
Saved reports
Customer properties
Custom fields
User access
SSO/SAML authentication
Advanced permissions
Audit log
Data history