Our Story

In 2016, Viral Vamp's CEO, Kade Robertson, initiated an e-commerce venture from his college dorm, ultimately crafting a multimillion-dollar presence on Amazon. Responding to requests from family and friends for assistance in enhancing their own Amazon stores, Kade realized he could optimize their performance without their direct involvement. This realization birthed Viral Vamp. In 2019,  Kade's success was acknowledged with the Clickfunnels 2-comma-club award, reserved for those achieving at least a million dollars in sales.

Today, Viral Vamp’s executive team boasts of top experts in marketing and technology. Streamlining various facets such as product sourcing, inventory management, marketing solutions, software automation, analytics, warehousing, and logistics. They exclusively collaborate with reputable brands. With over 5 years in the industry, Viral Vamp has garnered widespread acclaim, featuring in top magazines, and consistently achieving multimillion-dollar annual sales..

Our Core Values


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Explicit communication, integrity, and honesty are fundamental principles within our organization, extending to our internal team dynamics as well as interactions with clients and partners.


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You are our foremost concern, positioned at the core of each decision and enhancement we undertake. We demonstrate empathy, specifically catering to your unique needs.


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Our reputable infrastructure and visionary approach have served as the foundation for the consistent success we have attained throughout the years.


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We cultivate a collaborative and inclusive workplace, promoting the exchange of ideas, knowledge, and expertise among team members. Our emphasis is on collaborating with individuals who align with our values and share a common enthusiasm.

Our Team

Our dedicated team of e-commerce experts monitors and scales your Amazon store. We manage your products, inventory, sales, customer service & store entirely. Our team has offices in the US, Philippines and India. Collectively we have done 8 figures in sales and have years of experience on e-commerce marketplaces.

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Chief Executive Officer

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Chief Revenue Officer

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VP of Relations

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Head of Technology

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Director of Client Relations

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Account Manager

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Business Executive

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Executive Assistant

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Executive Assistant

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Account Manager

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Chief Marketing Officer

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Financial Officer

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Tech Manager

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Tech Lead

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Onboarding Specialist

Add a new digital asset to your portfolio

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Why Viral Vamp?

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Competitive Pricing

Our pricing model is crafted to provide versatility while guaranteeing outstanding value. Various pricing options are available, allowing you to select the one that best suits your needs.

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Dedicated Support

Our team comprises leading professionals in marketing and technology, adept at addressing your inquiries and delivering guidance and insights on your store's performance and advancement. Distinguishing itself from other service providers, Viral Vamp assigns a dedicated 1v1 Account Manager to you, accessible via phone or email between 9 AM and 5 PM EST.

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Vertical Integration

We possess robust systems that guarantee the streamlined management of diverse stages and processes within our organization, covering product sourcing, inventory acquisition, marketing solutions, software automation, reporting/analytics, warehousing, and logistics/shipping—all seamlessly handled in-house.

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Trust and Authority

With over five years of industry experience, we've successfully facilitated millions of dollars in sales, establishing ourselves as a recognized authority in the field. Our track record underscores our commitment to excellence, assuring you that your e-commerce asset is entrusted to seasoned professionals dedicated to safeguarding our esteemed reputation.

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We do not operate as sales representatives or affiliate marketers; rather, our expertise lies in the realm of e-commerce. Our dedicated team of professionals boasts years of experience in the industry, making e-commerce our true and primary profession.

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Transparent Tracking

Sit back and unwind as we handle the tasks for you. Rest assured, you can conveniently monitor orders, inventory, sales, and profits in real-time on your mobile devices on the go! Additionally, we also provide our clients with regularly updated real-time Profit & Loss statements.