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Our Process

With our process, creating a scalable Amazon asset has never been easier

Smooth Onboarding

Whether you have zero experience establishing an online store or possess prior experience in managing an established store, our team ensures a seamless integration process. We provide comprehensive support throughout, from setting up your Amazon Seller Account to efficiently managing all stages and processes in-house, ensuring a smooth and efficient experience for you.

Clear Reporting/Analytics

Upon initial access, you will find your Amazon seller backend store and accompanying financial spreadsheet. Our software seamlessly integrates with your store, providing robust reporting capabilities and streamlined automated processes. Optimized for mobile use, our software allows convenient tracking of inventory, orders, sales, and profits on the go.

Product sourcing

We have the most reliable suppliers and we work with reputable brands, you may be quite familiar with some of these brands. We source for high demand, low competition products, optimize these products for SEO and sell at a relatively favorable pricing, you begin to make profits even from the very first sale.

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Reliable Warehouse and Shipping

Benefit from the security of our expansive warehouse spanning over 20,000 square feet, ensuring the optimal condition of your products. Acquired in pristine condition from our trusted suppliers, items are meticulously stored in our warehouse before being promptly shipped to your customers upon purchase. Depending on the customers' location, the ordered products are delivered in optimal working condition within a few days.

Revenue collection

Throughout the onboarding process, your store underwent seamless integration with our team, granting you comprehensive access to financial spreadsheets and the reporting/analytics software intricately linked to your Amazon seller account. This facilitates effortless monitoring of inventory, orders, sales, and profits. Our transparent operations further streamline revenue collection, allowing flexibility in choosing intervals for collection, such as monthly or bi-monthly.


Revenue collection

During the onboarding process, your store was fully integrated with the team, after which you were given full access to the financial spreadsheets and the reporting/analytics software integrated with the Amazon seller account, you can track inventory, orders, sales and profit. You may decide to collect the revenue at certain intervals, for example, monthly or bi-monthly

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Dedicated Account Manager

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​Fully Automated Backend​

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Easy Onboarding Process

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Financial Statements

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High-End product sourcing products

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​Listing Automation​

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​​List of Integrations/Software

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Strategic Plan Analysis

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24/7 Customer Support

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Access to Viral Vamp's Warehouse

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​​In-Depth Blueprint Solution

Add a new digital asset to your portfolio

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Clients Reviews

"If You're Interested in Starting Your Own Amazon Business you will want Viral Vamp as your partner Quick and easy setup/onboarding, great communication with your dedicated manager, and best of all my sales increased rapidly on a monthly basis."
- Gourav
"My experience with Viral Vamp has been excellent. They are there for me 24/7. Onboarding was very smooth, because the onboarding team was there to assist me along the way. The team is very helpful and knowledgeable as well. Over the last 5 months the experience and results have been above and beyond my expectations."
- Sushil
"My experience has been evolving in gaining trust and understanding. Some issues that have been worked out or being work out. Growth of store has scaled very quickly..hopefully with gaining increasing profit margin more profit will be attainable."
- Tamara
"My experience with viral vamp has been great. Everything I’ve been told the company has followed through on. The onboarding process was quick and smooth, and if I had any questions the onboarding team was quick to answer. Communication with the company is excellent. I have 4 points of contact and they are always quick to respond if I need them. Last month I made 2,000$ with Viral Vamp!"
- Ken
"Everything that was discussed and promised has been done. Great communication with the team. Always have timely answers and updates. Started to see some serious growth in July, it was a great month. Looking forward to an even bigger August!"
- Marjan

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